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Appointment Rescue

Appointment Rescue - This exclusive service from Accelemark offers advisors a 2nd chance to cash in on missed opportunities from seminars.

Tired of No-Shows? Is your appointment ratio too low? No time to chase down lost prospects and convert them into new leads?

You’ve booked your restaurant, rehearsed your presentation, mailed out your invitations, your RSVP’s are maxed out for each date and now

It was a great seminar! But, you had some RSVP’s that didn’t show for some reason, and you weren’t able to book an appointment with every buying unit even though it was a perfect delivery and you are on top of your game. Why?

There are many possible reasons, but more importantly, what can you do about it?

Accelemark has the answer! From food, to mail, to your valuable time, you’ve already invested thousands of dollars on your seminar series.

DO NOT let any of it go to waste! The day following your seminar, Accelemark’s trained appointment setters will contact any RSVP’s that did not attend, and any buying units that did not book an appointment.

Our trained professionals will work to convert these missed opportunities into appointments
and provide valuable feedback for improving future seminar results. Often times these prospects
need additional time to fully appreciate the information they received during your presentation and a
follow up call by one of our qualified appointment setters can solidify an otherwise lost client, all while
leaving you free to focus on closing sales.

We’ll also work to get any no-shows into a future seminar date, or better yet, right into your office for an appointment.

With an average gain in appointments of 15%, our Appointment Rx offers a variety of solutions to improve seminar performance and, as a result, an increase in your personal production.

Be sure to call one our marketing professionals for your personal consultation. You can’t afford not
to have this exclusive new service on your side.

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  We offer an exclusive service, Appointment Rx, the prescription to recover lost appointments.  


What Our Clients Say

After working with numerous mail companies...we have finally found a winner. 

Since using Accelemark, our seminars are full and the quality of people has significantly improved. 

I think everyone should look into this company and give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

  J.J., Florida  


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