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Price-Advantage Guarantee

As we set out to drastically improve the customer experience within the seminar marketing community, there have always been three areas were we have refused to compromise, Service, Quality, and Price Leadership. 

Determined to be a price leader without ever sacrificing quality or service, our Price-Advantage Guarantee assures that you will never pay too much for a Wedding, Window, Greeting, or Bi-fold seminar invitation with Accelemark. 

We entered into the marketplace with best of breed pricing and we’ve never looked back.  Our staff is committed to delivering the results you expect with a price you don’t have to shop.  It is our promise to provide you with the most value in seminar marketing at all times.

Other marketing companies can copy our invitations and designs, they can try to match our pricing, but our service can never be duplicated.


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  We offer an exclusive service, Appointment Rx, the prescription to recover lost appointments.  


What Our Clients Say

After working with numerous mail companies...we have finally found a winner. 

Since using Accelemark, our seminars are full and the quality of people has significantly improved. 

I think everyone should look into this company and give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

  J.J., Florida  

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