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Greeting Card Invitation

6” x 9” envelope with 8” x 11” color invitation

An exclusive design pioneered by the creative minds at Accelemark, this new style seminar invitation has the look and feel of a holiday greeting card or birthday card. 

We have many themes designed around each holiday season combined with a color-coordinated envelope intended to capture your prospects attention at that time of year when people usually receive greeting cards.  If you’re partial to the traditional Wedding Style invitation and you’re looking to increase response, this may just be the invitation you need for an added boost or change of pace.

Not only is this new style full-color seminar invitation unique, but we are also the first to offer you a color envelope, adding additional visibility to your seminar event.  This is one of the key components to the birth of the Greeting Style invitation, because it capitalizes on the tradition of holiday and birthday cards.

When your invitation arrives in the mailbox of your desired prospect in a bright colored envelope and your competitions invitation arrives in the traditional crème envelope, which is more likely to stand out and capture their attention, ensuring a response and the first opportunity to close the sale? 

The greeting concept is sure to be duplicated by our competitors with a high premium due to the added cost of color envelopes, but not with us!  This is just another investment Accelemark has made into new innovations that have been lacking in the seminar marketing industry, all to ensure your increasing success.

Elegance (Blue or Cream)
Green Leaves
Steakhouse Greeting Invitation
Steakhouse Greeting Invitation
Textured Wedding (Choose Background Color)
Steakhouse Greeting Invitation
Steakhouse Greeting Invitation
Watercolor Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms Greeting
Pink Damask
Flourish (Teal or PInk)
Checkmate Greeting Invitation
Greeting Design - Sunflowers
Spring in Bloom

Red Swirls with Dove

Red Swirls w Dove Greeting
American Flag
Stars and Stripes
Steakhouse Greeting Invitation

Pastels in Plaid
Touch of Chocolate
Touch of Chocolate Greeting Invitation
Cool Greetings
Autumn Harvest
Cool Greetings Invitation
Autumn Harvest
Autumn Splendor
Festive Pine
Greeting Design - Sunflowers
Color Coordinated Envelopes


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What Our Clients Say

After working with numerous mail companies...we have finally found a winner. 

Since using Accelemark, our seminars are full and the quality of people has significantly improved. 

I think everyone should look into this company and give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

  J.J., Florida  


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