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Wedding Style, Formal Invitation

6” x 9” envelope with 8” x 11” color invitation

Our Wedding Style invitations have proven to be a top performer, featuring a live stamp, handwritten style addressing fonts, and color-coordinated white or crème envelope.  There is no question this formal style invitation will project your business image in a positive light, ensuring a first-class first impression.

We’ve recently adopted a few unique techniques not incorporated by other marketing companies, garnering an improved advantage with our Wedding Style invitations. 

Accelemark offers more “true” Wedding Style designs than any other seminar marketing company.  Although, even with a high quality invitation such as this, diversity is still the key and should not be exclusive.

Gold & Black
Silver & Navy
Plum & Charcoal
Pewter & Black
Copper & Burgundy
Silver & Black
Pewter & Charcoal
Copper & Black
Coordinated Envelopes
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What Our Clients Say

After working with numerous mail companies...we have finally found a winner. 

Since using Accelemark, our seminars are full and the quality of people has significantly improved. 

I think everyone should look into this company and give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

  J.J., Florida  


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