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Sample invitations

Accelemark is pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of invitations, designs, products, and complete seminar marketing packages in the industry.  With over 30 available designs, 4 distinctive product lines, plus a suite of post card options and a host of supporting features, we are confident that we have the perfect fit for every advisor, need, and budget.

With first impressions becoming more critical than ever in today’s economy, you can be assured that our high-quality and professional invitations will steer prospects to choose your seminar invitation over that of your competition. 

We wish we could say that each invitation style performs equally well all across the country and in every geographic location for as long as you are conducting seminars, but we simply can’t, which is why we offer a range of styles to stay current and achieve the highest possible results. 

The idea that there is only one answer and one invitation style that always works best, is an idea that has to be scrutinized.  Do not be pushed into only one product when trying to achieve the very best results for your business. Accelemark offers such a large variety of choices because that’s what takes to achieve maximum results for the seminar professional today. 

Many of our competitors will push you into one product because either that is all that they have to offer or because they have a higher profit margin on that particular product, benefitting them rather than diversifying your options. 

We at Accelemark are simply guided by your success and results, constantly improving invitations and incorporating new styles to choose from, achieving the timely message and innovative look needed to set you apart.

After browsing through the many designs and styles available, give us a call to receive a thorough consultation where your designated personal marketer will help you choose the marketing package most appropriate for your area or situation.  Your personal marketer can also help you decide which supporting features to include, if any, such as: Bio Cards, Inserts, Event Tickets, Incentives Programs, and more.  Please call for details.

Got an idea for a new invitation? Need a custom invitation designed just for you?
Send us your ideas! If we use your idea and put it on our website as a newly offered design or style, we’ll give you up to 2000 free invitations on your next order with us.

CLICK HERE to compare Invitation sizes and to view information on USPS mailing timeframes - a great tool to use while you are deciding which invitation style will work best for you.

Window Invitations
#10 Full-View window envelope
with 8.5” x 14” color invitation
Greeting Style Invitations
6” x 9” envelope with 8” x 11” color invitation
Seminar Invitation Sample Window
Seminar Invitation Sample Greeting Style

Wedding Style, Formal Invitations
6” x 9” envelope with 8” x 11” color invitation

Bi-Fold Invitations
8” x 11” sealed, self-mailing color invitation
Seminar Invitation Sample Wedding
Seminar Invitation Sample BiFold Style
Social Security Invitations
Full Color, Multiple Sizes
Post Card Invitations
Full or Single Color, Multiple Sizes
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What Our Clients Say

After working with numerous mail companies...we have finally found a winner. 

Since using Accelemark, our seminars are full and the quality of people has significantly improved. 

I think everyone should look into this company and give them a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

  J.J., Florida  







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