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“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” Roger Staubach

As innovators in the marketplace, we often see our designs, ideas, and creative work duplicated shortly after going to market.  We know within the seminar marketing industry you have choices, and we at Accelemark understand the one area that cannot be copied or duplicated is our relentless commitment to providing the highest level of service, lacking in the industry today. 

As our market share continues to grow each and every year, it proves that Service is more than just a word or a website.  To us, service means success…yours and ours.

Within our suite of industry-changing services, you will find some of the traditional services you’ve come to expect, services that have been widely expanded compared to what you are accustomed to receiving, and industry-changing innovations created to enhance your response, value, and marketing experience. 

Many of the new or expanded features, of which you may not be familiar, were designed to save you time and money, allowing you the opportunity to shift your valuable resources to the things you do best.  With Accelemark, you will get a true marketing partner whose focus is on the customer experience.

Here you will find a brief description of the most significant and value-driven services we have to offer in a full-service approach to seminar marketing.  After reviewing these services please contact us for additional information, questions, or to schedule a consultation with one of our personal marketers.

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Video Marketing – Something NEW from Accelemark! Using a professional voice over artist, we can take your script, company logo and photos and combine it with relevant photos and supporting graphics to create a video you can add to your website, send through e-mail communications or play at special events.


The Lists – Never recycled, and always current with new NCOA Government regulations, we broker one of the largest and most comprehensive lists available.  Many mailing companies and mail houses buy their list from the credit bureaus or other compilers, however we spend the extra resources to get the best list available from a source specializing in consumer list management.

Our list broker has developed a multi-sourced and data-enriched consumer information product of transaction and response-driven elements that are demographically selectable for any marketing communication program from list generation to customer database enhancement.

It contains actionable information on nearly 110 million households and 220 million individuals brought together "relationally" from pivotal file sources used for demographically selectable items at the individual, household and area level. 

It can also be selected by marketing segments like:  Affluent Households, Computer Owners, Upscale Seniors and Grandparents, Hispanic Households, people interested in Investment and Finance, Mortgage-holders and many more unique segments.
The database takes advantage of being processed against in-house Change of Address and Postal Optimization products, which are run by its own proprietary CASS Certified Software.  This database is updated monthly with ever growing demographic, household and individual counts. 

In addition to standard selections covering Exact Age, IPA, Home Ownership, Household Income and presence of Children, we are proud to present a complementary behavioral information component that is a 60 million household subset compiled from response surveys and interactive sources. 

This segment will serve to complement our data enhancement and list services by introducing psycho-graphic data that defines the lifestyle characteristics, behavior and product interests of your ideal prospect.  Our lists are a comprehensive and robust data solution for target marketing services. See our Data Enrichment Process.

DNM List Management – One of the most common complaints from many advisors is their marketing company’s continual processing of mail to people on their “Do Not Mail” list and the exposure to repeat eaters this causes.  This is the result of an ultra simplified process for de-duping your mailing list.  If the information doesn’t match exactly, the eaters are not removed. 

For example, if your list contains a person living on Main Street, but you add them to your DNM list as living on Main St, that person will not be removed.  We estimate the average advisor is spending around $500 per year mailing to repeat eaters on their DNM list as a result of this inability to correct this problem. 

This does not include the extra meals or manpower, which may be required to remove these people using your resources.  Accelemark has developed a proprietary software program that eliminates this problem, eliminating the wasted money and misallocation of resources.

Post Seminar Analysis – Data management is one of our specialties, we track every detail of your marketing campaign which helps us provide you with detailed reporting as it applies to your seminar results, including past results and trending analysis for data-rich recommendations when planning your next seminar. 

After working with us for a while, many advisors have been shocked at the detail we’ve provided, completely changing the strategy they had in mind after reviewing our analysis and discovering a clear path to achieving success in their upcoming marketing schedule.  Without a doubt one of the most notable services that continues to set us apart from other companies, and a true contributor to your results over time.

Incentive Programs – As the first to go to market with various incentive options to fill seminars, Accelemark added these No-Fee, value-added benefits to boost results when attendance is down.  We have a variety of programs available without charging you a premium, such as: Gas Cards, Free Groceries, trips and more. 

After all, why should you have to pay more for the results you expect?  Some might think offering an incentive is a little “cheesy,” but it works!

24/7 Reservations – We provide Live RSVP services utilizing the professionals at TeleDirect Call Centers.  You’ll receive a client specific 800 number for your marketing campaigns with a live operator to take reservations using your company information and designated script.  You will also receive an ID and password that allows you complete internet access to your reservations with the ability to download and print your seminar rosters, confirmation letters and name tags.

Confirmation Calls – For a small extra charge we will call every person on your reservation list two business days before the seminar and again the day of the seminar to confirm or remind them of their attendance.  If they cannot be reached, repeated attempts are made before a message is required, and you will be supplied with the detailed results. 

It is important to note, that although we are happy to provide this service for you, it is highly recommended that you have your staff perform these calls.  This should be the same person who will be checking-in the attendees at the seminar or asking them for the appointment, as we find this is an excellent way to begin building a rapport between the prospect and your office. 

You will be amazed at how much more “at ease” they are by the time they get to your office for their first appointment.

Quick Proofing – Because of our equipment and knowledgeable in-house design team, we have the ability to turnaround a custom proof for your approval faster than anyone in the business.

Centralized Operations – Location, location, location!  With our offices and production facility located in the Midwest, and with St. Louis as a central hub within the United States, we have improved mailing times for much of the country being served by a Florida based operation. 

With many companies outsourcing your invitations from their homes or condo’s, it is important to know with whom you’re doing business.

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Payment Options – We accept all forms of payment including all major credit cards, checks, cash, and money orders.   We encourage you to use whichever payment option is most convenient for you.

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